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Administrative Levels of Outreach
Counseling Center Outreach Leadership

​Periodically, questions emerge among outreach professionals on what constitutes the various titles assigned to counseling center professionals who are charged with guiding or managing their center’s outreach efforts. The following is proposed as a starting place to begin conversations on how to define outreach as well as clarify the roles and expectations of those assigned to lead college counseling center efforts. While this framework proposes a list of duties and responsibilities associated with administrative titles, it is also important to consider the degree to which tenure in any given role and how the inherent wisdom and expertise that experience provides can inform decisions regarding promotion to higher levels of administration. It is presumed that the following administrative levels will have some overlap. Because duties will evolve organically as outreach leaders experience success and grow, promotion to higher levels would also be informed by years of successful service.  

Click Here to download a file that offers a starting place to consider the job duties and appropriate position levels for those professionals leading your outreach efforts.