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Gary D. Glass, PhD
Seated here at a grand piano, really... in a fancy Chicago hotel where he was NOT staying.  Just thought it was a good spot to serenade somebody special to him.
 Biographical Summary 
Gary D. Glass, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who has been working with college students and serving various campus communities for over 20 years. With a background in counseling and teaching, he emphasizes creativity and compassion in all dimensions of his work toward helping people heal and grow. Committed to an interdisciplinary perspective, his professional identity extends beyond “licensed psychologist” to include Educator, and he incorporates skills and wisdoms from his undergraduate studies in English literature and Communication, as well as his deep appreciation for music, poetry, and theology for the many truths and tools found in those spheres.  

Gary received his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis in 1997 and has spent his entire career since then on college campuses, either teaching counseling or serving students from counseling centers and the broader campus community of faculty, staff, and parents. In recent years, he has also worked with those in primary and secondary education settings, recognizing that the issues of college students begin to emerge in K-12 communities. While he values the individual clinical work he provides, perhaps Gary’s greatest passion is translating the impact of individual counseling into community level interventions that emphasize creating empathetic and supportive campus environments.  

Gary’s greatest areas of interest are in mental health, spirituality, and social justice, especially in finding ways to integrate these three areas into cohesive and comprehensive frameworks for helping, not only individuals, but also the various environments from which their resilience and their struggles emerge. He provides consultation, training, key-note address or interactive presentations, and materials that enable various educators and clinicians to implement their own community level interventions.  

Committed to helping create supportive and caring campus communities through authentic engagement with those we serve.