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LifeShops Life Cards
Students are often guided, and misguided, by oversimplified notions of the ideals they are driven to achieve. Success, Strength, Courage, and Beauty often become toxic concepts because of the rigidity of how they are defined---and then pursued--- by students. These cards offer nuanced definitions that students often find liberating, allowing them to deconstruct their goal-seeking, recognize how they have internalized some toxic social norms associated with these ideals, and re-assign meaning with greater flexibility and nuance---while still retaining the essence of their goals.​

These cards provide seldom considered nuances among words commonly used to describe attractiveness in women. Excellent prompt for thoughtful discussion on body image.(Click here for more info.)

These cards offer various definitions of success, reflecting a range of life values that, at times, are in conflict with each other. (Click here for more info.)

These cards include a range of values and needs that often drive students' behaviors and emotional reactions to life situations. They help prompt students to re-assess their personal priorities. (Click here for more info.)

LifeShops LifeCards are available as a PDF file of the cards and a license to use the content,  not for printed versions of these products. Terms and conditions apply. 
Road Signs

Coming Soon!  A series of "Road Signs" with reminders to students to stay mindful of some toxic norms on campus and in society. ​