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LifeShops Presentations
LifeShops Presentations are, for the most part, materials to use for outreach presentations you offer to your campus, covering topics typically in high demand at college counseling centers.  In addition to content for your students, most presentations include notes and suggestions for the staff member, including experiential exercises for some presentations.  These are placed in the "Notes" section when reviewing the file in "Edit" mode (the default screen when opening files in PowerPoint, using the software to open the file). Because files are delivered in an editable version, you can modify or add to the files to include contact information for your center or campus.  For some, more recently added files, notes are not available, but most of the content is self-explanatory, sufficient for most counseling center professionals to imagine a variety of uses for the content or points to make. Click the titles in the descriptions of these Presentation pages to download a copy of the PowerPoint file for each topic. 

Immediately below are several links that will take you to another page with various programs that most closely fall in the category of the areas listed below.  These separate pages were created for easier review, instead of having one long list of programs all one one page.  Click on the links in the table, below, to explore various LifeShops Outreach Presentations.  

If you choose to use these, please adhere to the terms and conditions, which you can review here

Note:  Some files open in "Show" format, which means it will automatically launch the presentation when you click on it, with timed animations that will self-advance. (To edit these,open the file from PowerPoint, rather than simply clicking on the file name.).  Also, because some files include less commonly used fonts, the presentation is "packaged" to include the fonts and design used in creating the file.  In some cases, fonts won't download, which may disrupt the format of the slide as the program guesses a suitable font to use.  These will download in .zip files (compressed). Simply right click on the file, once downloaded, and you will see an option to "Unzip" the file or "Extract All", which will then open a folder containing the file, ready to use.

A few presentations specific to the unusual challenges associated with 2020.
Back to Campus 2020: Navigating the Mental Challenges of an Unusual Year
This is a general program aimed at, first, acknowledging the unique circumstances that inform the Fall 2020 semester/quarters.  It offers a broad summary of the challenges as well as providing suggestions on how to cope, recognizing the pandemic of coronavirus as well as the painful amplified confrontations with racism and other oppressive realities made even more evident in recent months. 
Where In the World Did My Motivation Go: Challenges of Remote Learning
Maintaining motivation has long been a challenge for students, one that leads to academic challenge that,often, spiral into threats to their overall well-being.   This presentation takes a look at motivation difficulties, articulating the different forms it may take, offering tips for students who are having to self-manage the tasks of studying remotely when they are not accustomed to this context.
Family Matters: Getting through the Covid-19 Crisis as part of your family.
One thing most, if not all, students have in common is that their family has a significant impact on their experience. This is true in normal circumstances. In the context of the Covid 19 crisis, however, family matters in quite amplified ways. This program will articulate the ways in which family roles and situations can impact students’ day to day experience, sometimes manifesting as strengths and other times as struggles and doubts.  
Coping with Covid - Tips for Folks on Campus
This program targets faculty, staff, and students (but can be directed to colleagues, specifically).  Developed at the beginning of the distance learning, it offer tips on coping with the stress of a highly unusual and unfamiliar work experience, offering a framework for coping during this unusual time.
Checking in and Taking Care
This program targets faculty and staff, developed later in the summer and providing space to acknowledge and "check-in" on the multiple layers of stress, personally-professionally and socially.  Listing the few dimensions of self-care in the Coping with Covid program, this program encourages a more fluid application of such tips.  This program can function, primarily, to create mutually supportive discussion, relying less on the didactic content delivery.
Below are a few presentations developed in recent months and likely to have relevance for the upcoming semester.  Because they are newer, they do not have content that reflects improvement that occurs with repeated delivery of outreach programs, over time.   They also are more likely to contain some errors.   However, as we're all trying to get through a difficult time, they are offered here, now, in case it may help folks lighten their load in developing content that we tend to get asked to provide....often with very little notice.