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Resources and Materials for Outreach Coordinators and Directors
This page is devoted to college and university counseling center professionals, toward helping inform your outreach efforts.  Whether you are an Outreach Coordinator, Assistant Director, Associate Director....or whether you may be a Director of a smaller counseling center and guiding most of your outreach efforts, this page is offered to help with the structure and administration of your efforts.  Behind every quality outreach program or presentation is an infrastructure and cohesive philosophical model that links these efforts to the overall functioning of your center.  
Effective outreach helps your center reach its overall mission,  reflecting the many contributions your counseling center offers the campus you serve.
Outreach in Titaniuim
(For College Counseling Center professionals)
While each center will have different priorities,informing how Outreach is included in your database software, this file offers a comprehensive list of different ways your investment in Outreach can be reported to your various constituencies.
Defining Outreach Goals
(For College Counseling Center professionals)
Among the most neglected, and most important, dimension of leading outreach efforts is to actually define what outreach is. This includes defining what constitutes outreach in your counseling center.  A good place to start in this process is identifying the counseling center goals associated with your outreach services.
A necessary step toward effective coordination of counseling center outreach efforts is the articulation of a structure that captures the complexity of what outreach entails in various models in practice today.
Toward a Therapeutic Campus

While campuses are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for counseling services,  a framework is needed to help take prevention efforts to a campus wide intervention level.  
Strategic Planning: 
Having a strategic plan for outreach can not only help guide outreach efforts but re-locate the center as a central and influential member of the campus community.  Click here for more.
Administrative Levels of Outreach Directors 
​Periodically, questions emerge among outreach professionals on what constitutes the various titles assigned to counseling center professionals who are charged with guiding or managing their center’s outreach efforts. This also has implications for job descriptions of outreach directors.  Click here for more!
Frameworks to Guide Your Outreach Efforts
Given the high importance of operating from common language that campus partners can also work from, guiding frameworks to organize the various goals of a counseling center's mission, especially it's outreach strategy, can be quite helpful in strategic planning. Click here for a sample of some helpful frameworks to guide your efforts. 
Guiding Assessment Requests
Campuses are increasingly concerned about students who may pose a threat to themselves or others or who struggle in a way that is disruptive to the campus community.  This often leads to uninformed requests or requirements for psychological evaluation of students.   Guidance in pursuing such assessments is needed, to help inform college administrators on the complexities of such policies and practices.  Click here to download a PDF on this topic.