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An Organizing Framework for Counseling Center Outreach 
Brief Introduction
In recent years, there has been an increase in attention paid to outreach efforts at college and university counseling centers. However, the activities that constitute "outreach" are as varied as the diversity of resources among counseling centers and the wide variety of institutions in which centers operate.  Tabling events, presentations to community members, response to acute situations facing the campus or particular communities, and the various activities that emerge in partnerships with other campus professionals and or student organizations are simply a few examples of the different activities that may be considered "outreach." 

A helpful step, and perhaps a necessary one, toward standards, goals, and evaluation efforts could be to organize this complex variety of outreach outreach activities. More specifically, a framework is needed that can help classify centers in terms of articulated functions of outreach services offered across the diversity of college and university counseling centers. Such a framework might be useful for counseling center administrators and coordinators to locate themselves at a particular level and assess whether this framework aids in goal setting or evaluating their outreach and general counseling center objectives.

Introducing 4 Levels of Outreach
The following framework is comprised of 4 distinct but overlapping levels of outreach delivery. but regarding the overall identity and role of the counseling center on their respective campus.
Level 1:  We Are Here: 
Marketing the Counseling Center

Level 2:  Recognize and Refer:  
Connecting Students Needing Services to the Center

Level 3:  Recognize and Relate: 
Introducing Community-Level Interventions

Level 4:  Fostering a Therapeutic Campus Community
Supporting Emerging Campus Efforts to Support Student Well-Being