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Outreach Strategic Planning
The philosophy and values of LifeShops Outreach inherently assume a more comprehensive approach to addressing college mental health.  Inevitably, this requires a much greater complexity of investment than the more traditional focus of outreach on marketing the counseling center to the campus community and providing basic psycho-education, typically to facilitate a "recognize and refer" response in the campus community.  

As many centers would be making some significant shifts in resources and priorities to move toward such a model of outreach, and because comprehensive approaches are characterized by a great deal of complexity, it is most prudent to operate from a strategic mindset in developing your counseling center's outreach.    

This page is offered to assist you in identifying the various components and considerations that will inform your outreach planning.  The following strategic plan components reflect the philosophy of LifeShops Outreach, which emphasizes community-level interventions as critical, with a fundamental aim of outreach being to create a more therapeutic and supportive campus community.  
Strategic Plan Primary Components

I.  Review Drafts of Relevant Plans and Statements for Global Guidelines

II. Conduct an Outreach Intake:

III. Create a Structure to Organize and Guide your Outreach efforts
          Employ clinical expertise to interpret outreach requests
          Select or develop terminology and structure to articulate the variety of Outreach Activities
          Select or develop a Framework to guide your outreach efforts, sufficiently relate-able and free of clinical jargon to             be accessible, adopted, and utilized by campus partners. 

IV.  Identify and prioritize the constituents targeted in your outreach efforts in short-term and multi-year efforts 
        with regard to capacity to influence and 
        with priority to engage with marginalized communities

V. Author a Mission Statement that reflects or represents your center’s mission and develop goals and objectives which structure the implementation of your strategic plan.
              a.Informed by your Outreach Intake (Assessment)
              b.Structured through an Organizing Framework and/or set of Guiding Themes 

VI. Develop a communications plan toward establishing a foundation for partnership & collaboration w/ Campus partners
        a. Reviewing and Revising Level I outreach efforts (marketing and describing the full range of services)

        b. Reviewing and Revising Level II outreach (providing psycho-education about mental health issues).

        c. Introduce Level III and IV Outreach: Re-Narrating college mental health in line with your strategic aims

VII.Employ clinical expertise to interpret outreach requests with sufficient flexibility to meet the request with primary focus on meeting the goals of your outreach and counseling center strategic plan. 

VIII.Develop Task Force with Other Key Roles in Student Affairs and Academic Support to ensure an ongoing assessment of campus norms and high prevalence issues that threaten student well-being and academic engagement. 

IX.Identify outcome measures,
        a. Including existing data structures that exist 
        b. Including Informal/anecdotal indicators of shifting values, norms, behaviors on campus (Document             manifestations of your outreach efforts in the campus community)