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Personal Priorities
Often, the issues that most inform a campus climate are the same issues that give rise to the presenting concerns that bring students to your counseling center:  constantly shifting and often conflicting values and needs.  While students are typically familiar with the concepts of values and needs, it is much less common that they are aware of when they are acting on those needs and values. In fact, they seldom allow the time for reflection on what meaning these concepts hold for them.  These LifeCards offer a definition from which the students can begin to explore the meaning of these concepts, discern the nuances that distinguish them from each other, facilitating a more informed decision making regarding their personal priorities.  The cards are useful in a number of different experiential activities, ranging from card-sort exercises to interacting negotiating and trade activities with peers, and they are also as useful in individual counseling sessions as they are in outreach activities.  With 8 cards, which staff can cut into individual cards in such activities or leave as one collection on a single sheet, students can begin to assess the meaning and function that these values and needs have.  Included in this set are the following: 
BelongingAcceptanceApproval, StatusRespectConnection,  Stability, and Legacy.    

NOTE: LifeShops LifeCards are delivered as a PDF file of the cards and a license to use the content.  Printed versions of these cards are not available. Terms and conditions apply.