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All LifeShops products, regardless of format, aim to provide students with an understanding of mental health issues beyond merely recognizing signs and symptoms. Inherent in this approach is an emphasis on prompting students to become compassionately introspective and more empathetic with their peers. 
PowerPoint presentations, including didactic versions for staff with some self-directed versions for students. 
In-depth text on various mental health issues facing college students for your center's website.  
Posters with creative approaches to get mental health and campus well-being messages out.  Also available as image files for website and social networking pages.
Cards to engage students in exploring meaning on common life topics- ideal for workshops, but can also be used for counseling sessions.
Effective outreach creates supportive and empathic communities.
LifeShops Videos
Videos on Life Skills, organized in series of short clips for students to review at their pace.
Messages to Your Community
These pages are being revised.  Feel free to look around, but know there will be some additions to the list of materials on these various pages, described below, as well as some changes to how you can access these materials.   Apologies for some of the materials not quite cleaned up for sharing just yet.