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Success Nuances
College students all have in common the goal of success.  This is implicit in the motivation to attend college.  Stress (and even problems with anxiety and depression) are sometimes easily linked to fears of failure.  However, these fears of failure are very often associated with only vague notions of success, and students are typically not as mindful of their values, interests, and needs when they are pursuing success in the fast-pace demands of college life.  

This tool is helpful in restoring a sense of purpose in students' pursuit of success, helping them attend to the nuances of what success means to them.  The cards offer nuanced definitions of success that prompt students to consider the role of values, status, family background, community membership, original goals, material possessions, and social mobility.  Most important, the cards offer students an opportunity to consider how they might prioritize different needs and values when they realize that different nuances of success they aspire to achieve may be in conflict with each other.  
Depending on whether the outreach staff member prefers a card-sort type of activity or simply to prompt discussion of the various success nuances, this tool is available as a sheet of cards, with lines indicating cut-guides for each Success Nuance or as a single poster with all 9 cards on one document.  These are also available as image files for insertion into PowerPoint or other presentation software or for web-based social media interventions.     

NOTE: LifeShops LifeCards are available as PDF file of the cards and a license to use the content.  This is not for printed versions of these products. Terms and conditions apply.
These cards are being revised for easier printing.  If you'd like to see the content, visit the LifeShops Presentations section to see the content in more detail, in the powerpoint program on Nuances of Success.