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LifeShops Videos
As more and more of our students rely on self-help videos to gain an understanding of themselves and the world, LifeShops has converted many of the topics delivered through in person programming into Self Guided learning.   These include psycho-education on mental health topics as well as some training materials for your staff and colleagues across your campus community. Click on each of the links below lead to see LifeShops Outreach videos, located on the LifeShops YouTube channel.  

Perhaps the most effective way to share these with your campus communities is to build a page on your website or on your social media platforms and provide the link to the videos you consider most useful to your campus community. 
Recognize and Relate:  RA Training for Helping Students In Distress 
(A Self-Directed Training Module for Individuals or Small Teams of RA's)
Understanding Stress
Understanding and Managing Anxiety
RA and Peer Leader Training
Navigating Uncertainty and the Need for Control
Faculty and Staff Resources
Self-Care for the Campus Community
Back to School 2020: 
A brief video with tips on navigating the unusual circumstances of the Fall 2020 semester.